Sitting at the computer is rather like going down the garden for half an hour and several hours later when you re-emerge, where has the time vanished to?

I spent all day yesterday, sitting here, working hard, sorting and looking up and answering messages and I never found time to pause and drop a few words in here.

And by tea time I had a slight headache and gave up on technology and after our meal I sat and embroidered until I dozed off.  A whole full day and really I feel as if I achieved very little.

Although having said that I did manage to sell 3 old postcards on Ebay.  They are a phaff to put up and don’t make much profit but on the other hand they are easy to post, unlike my Other Half’s Carnival Glass and I don’t have to worry about them getting smashed in the postal system, such as it is!

This post is rather akin to the diaries that I used to keep as a child…….Got up, cleaned my teeth etc.  But it is the best I can do today without getting deep into controversial things like politics which I fear are going to dominate every thing for the next month or so.  Or perhaps I should say dominate everything even more.

The younger members of our family are very ‘gung-ho’ at the moment, ‘manning the barricades’ to quote a friend and hopefully saving the world peacefully I hope,  banner waving and cake in hand, as is the way of our people!