It is late in the day for me to be sitting here blogging but I made my mind up this morning that I would get all those annoying domestic things out of the way first and then I could fritter the rest of my day away as I wanted to.

It doesn’t mean that the house is pristine and all food sorted it just means that within my eye line as I sit here all looks serene.

Apart from my Other Half that is, who is frowning over the account books and I just know that any minute now he is going to tell me how much I have actually spent on old books over the last few months and that we are now insolvent!

And I shall switch off my ears and not listen.  Fingers crossed the next Fair will put some pennies back into the coffers and all will be well.

Fortunately for me, he can do hard sums and runs a tight ship.  I would probably give all our hard won profits away.  I am a sucker for a hard luck story and Lassie Films!

Due to circumstances, we have gone a long while since our last Fair and he is fretting now because once we get to July we have big gaps in our calendar until some time in September.  Booking ahead and filling in the Desk Diary we can use up half a year – just like that!

Fancy worrying about the Autumn already and it isn’t even Spring yet.  He likes to have it all sorted, ‘Ducks in a Row’ springs to mind whereas I am willing to drift with the tide.

Complete opposites, I expect that is why our partnership has worked reasonably well up until now.