Hemswell Antique Centre was great.  Loads to look at, in fact we ran out of steam before we saw it all and have promised ourselves to go back and browse some more.  Some of the prices made our eyes water a bit but all in all they weren’t too bad and  I think that the joy of it all was that there were a lot of real antiques.

And it was easy to find, straight up to Lincoln and turn left.  And the café/restaurant was good and no more expensive than we have come to expect and the coffee was real and good and just for a change I managed to buy a few books!

In fact if we don’t stand a Fair soon we will probably be discovered,  buried under an avalanche of old books.  I am not complaining it is nice to find good stock but I need to sell some, otherwise I can’t buy any more.

It is usually my Other Half who blows all our profits on boxes of Carnival Glass but he hasn’t had a look in lately.  Although it has crossed my mind that had he gone to America, to the Carnival Glass Convention he would probably have come home laden and broke the budget.

So really it must be my turn I think.  Every where we have been for the last few months I have brought home some books or newspapers, nothing extraordinary but quite a lot of interesting and some fascinating, to me that is.  How customers will react remains to be seen!

Any way, today I am off into Town to meet my sister for lunch and have a good gossip.

You see once I am out of hibernation there is no stopping me, unless of course the weather turns again, so I am making the most it at the moment.