We are braving the real world today!  There is no frost, no threats of snow and so we are off out for the day.

We are going to have a look at an Antique Centre in Lincolnshire, Hemswell.  We have seen it on the Tele a couple of times and then we picked up a Flyer, so Sat Nav primed, off we go.

Half a life time ago we used to go to a lot of Farm Sales in Lincolnshire.  My Mum and Dad moved there so he could be near his beloved fishing and they would look after our little kids whilst we went treasure hunting.

I loved the Sales, you could buy old carpets, a bit threadbare but beautiful,  boxes of junk always with the promise of something good under all the dross, lovely battered old furniture for next to nothing and if you really got carried away old tractors and herds of cows as well!

Fortunately for us my Other Half is far more sensible than I am, and usually managed to restrain me from buying anything too ambitious.  Not always, I do remember an old chaise-lounge, a lovely shape, French, silk covered very old.  I bid £30 and won it, mainly because of the fact that it had been used as a nest by a family of rats.  It filled the car to overflowing and fortunately we managed to shift it on for a small profit before we had to start ferrying small children hither and yon again.

Got to go otherwise the day will be over before we have begun and he has promised me lunch at the ‘Farmers Rest’ on the edge of Newark.

Good food if you are ever that way over.