It is my Other Half’s and my Birthday soon, but what with one thing and another the only time that the family could all get together was last Saturday, so we did.

I had set my heart on a game of Monopoly and a feast.  Minions Monopoly and a Chinese Feast at my daughters house.

She didn’t join in the game but I forgave her because she spent all day baking scrummy cakes.  The Apple Pie Cake was especially delicious, makes my mouth water just thinking of it now.

And I got delightful presents, the biggest box of Thornton’s Chocolates that I have ever seen and a gorgeous doll.  She is a 1920’s flapper and just perfect.  And the children made us lovely cards.  altogether very satisfactory.

dressing table 010

I realised when I was re-arranging my dressing table to fit her in, she hasn’t got a name yet but will have soon, that I love childish/simplistic things, and dolls in particular.  They don’t have to be beautiful either, maybe just have a lovely story or memory,  hence ‘Toothless’ the Dragon and ‘Kevin’ the Minion and the little worm that Tallulah made me years ago out of an old sock, who lives on the bottom of the Princess’s bed.  That is the Princess and the Pea, complete with all her mattresses that Kate bought me years ago and has help tell the story to generations of small children.

dressing table 004

Very dark pictures I am afraid, I must have pressed something on the camera.  Maybe turned off the flash!  Who knows, if I get better pictures I will post them again.

I’m off to dream of Apple Pie Cake and Minions.