Right, I’ve had enough of ‘proper’ winter now, is it Spring yet?

A few days ago I was moaning about the unseasonal wet and warmth, since then we have had snow, not an enormous amount granted, and frost but now I am bored with it.

That is the trouble with Grannies and small children, we have the attention span of a gnat.  I blame it on the television, 10 minutes of a proper program and then adverts.

We are trained like ‘Pavlov’s Dogs’, every 10 minutes we have to leap up and rush about and I have to admit that now if I watch a proper program or ‘God Forbid’ a film, I get very fidgety after a while and have to go off for a snack and a toilet break.

And one of the ever lasting problems of really cold weather for a frozen object like me is that I dress for the cold, several layers, I am not really a large lady at all, it is all those layers of thermals(not an excuse to be used in more clement weather) however as shops and shopping centres and really everywhere these days, except our house have very efficient central heating.  I am in serious danger of heat stroke much of the time.

Oh for a balmy day,  a T.shirt, blue sky and sunshine.

We are going out for an Indian Feast this evening with some friends and hopefully the curry will warm me up, and I do hope there is a big cloakroom so that as I peel off the layers of clothes they can be whisked away and finally I shall be revealed as the tiny shrivelled old lady in the corner wearing very fetching thermals!