So today I am wishing you a ‘proper’ Happy New Year!

I have finally removed the ‘high tide line’ of Christmas.  Yesterday I used up the last wizen apple in the coleslaw and threw away the out of date bits from the fridge.  And cleared the Christmas Cards off the dresser in the lounge and I am ashamed to say even found a couple of last years that were loitering hidden behind things that I obviously haven’t moved since last December!

And now I have scrubbed the kitchen, top to bottom, even the Cooker Hood which entails a nightmare balancing act and changed the covers on the settee and washed the ones I have taken off and now I am kn…..ed, to use the modern parlance and am sitting here blogging whilst I get my breath back.

At the weekend we went to Market Harborough, to the indoor market hall, where every Sunday there is a little Antique and collectors Fair, free to get in and just around the corner from Sainsbury’s and so we often combine practical with enjoyable and visit them both.

My favourite book stall was full of nostalgia for me yesterday, he had a rich seam of children’s books.   My only dilemma was which to bring and in the end I decided on a whole heap of 1920’s E.Nesbit books, I loved them when I was a child  and I know that today they have reprinted them but I love the old hardback ones that I bought.

Each one has a lovely colour plate,  I know that they are a bit worn, discoloured and foxed in places but I like them and when I have finished with them I shall put them on my Stall so that someone else can share them.

That is the beauty of paper books, you can pass them on, a physical thing, hand to hand just as story telling was originally ear to ear and still is if you belong to my family.  Nothing better than to sit around sharing tales and books, it’s a joy!

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