I started a Blog the other day but it was not to be.  I have discovered that some days words will just not flow and no matter how much I fiddle and jiggle and re-write, what ever it is that I am writing just gets worse.

I am very aware that my grammar, punctuation and semantics leave much to be desired but as long as it says what I want it to say, I’ll settle for that.  And some days it just doesn’t.

So let’s try again!

My Other Half has cleared out his Wardrobe, drawers, cupboards etc.  He went up stairs for an hour to sort out some shirts and it turned into a three-day epic.  He has cleared the detritus of 30 years, and discovered things that he had forgotten existed.  It has been nostalgic and at times exhausting but several trips to the tip and the charity shop later he is feeling good.  And I must say looking quite smart in many of his newly discovered clothes.

At the moment with no Antique Fairs of our own to stand we have been pottering about local Fairs and Antique Centres and mostly looking but doing a bit of buying as well and I have some nice bits and pieces to take to our next Fair in March.  If we keep on this way, as usual my only problem will be what to take with me on the day.

Apparently my Thyroid levels are on the ‘fritz’ again and so after consultation with the local GP, we have upped the dosage, and I must admit that I don’t feel quite so tired as I did, in fact some of the time I am not sleeping.  Chatting to my sister (she is in the medical line herself) I mentioned this and she asked me when I took my tablets and when I had my coffee.  She then explained to me that drinking coffee around the same time as taking Thyroxine can reduce its efficiency by up to a third!

I have taken it for years and no-one has ever pointed this out to me before.  I could have been taking more than I needed and the coffee been cancelling it out.  The symptoms of Thyroid problems are many, and diverse.  Some very dramatic and some tiny and insidious.  To find what is thought to be the right dose can take months/years and of course every one reacts differently.  And just a little note of warning if you get it drastically wrong it can kill you but then so many things can!

Cheery eh! but onward, this is turning into a rather rambling post, maybe it is the lack of coffee.  It is really hard when you (me) are getting old to know what is old age and what is not.  I just thought that I was falling asleep every five minutes because that is what Pensioners do but apparently not!

So no more excuses back to the treadmill, and where is that cup of coffee?