I liked  Dr. Who, the first one of this series that I have really enjoyed.

Don’t misunderstand, I like the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi  I just don’t like the stories that they have given him up until now but yesterday’s was funny and quick-moving and recognisable.

For the aged and the very young stories have to move along, it doesn’t really matter if we miss the point as long as we enjoy them and this last seasons offerings have been a little slow and turgid and although we may not get the gist, we like a bit of clever otherwise we just drift away, or even ‘doze off’!

‘Doze off’ that is a terrible indictment, and I never thought that it would be levelled at Dr. Who, he who has driven generations of small children (and some big ones) to watch from the safety of ‘behind the settee’ and been the cause of many a nightmare.

These things are a necessary Rite of growing up and since time immemorial scary stories have been tradition, Ghost stories around the open fire, every one all of a heap and the door firmly shut against ‘whatever’!

And when I was little ‘Journey into Space’, the Red Planet, Jet Morgan, Doc and Lemmy  were listened to on the radio  with terror from behind the settee!

The modern equivalent of Fairy Tales.  We are not likely to be eaten by a Wolf these days, not where I live anyway but there is still a faint chance that a Dalek might get us!