It is a drear-er day than yesterday, the garden dripping out there in a faint haze of fog.  Winter draws on!

I really shouldn’t moan but does.  We live in the middle of England, on top of a hill and ‘touch wood’ all the extremes of weather have passed us by.  At least up to now!

And I am quite grateful.  I really hate the winter, more and more the older I get.

Roll on the Spring I say, I am done with ‘Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness’.

Today I am being domesticated, it is either clean up the kitchen etc. or possible take a chance with food poisoning.  Take you finger off the pulse of a house for a few days and it turns on you!

Today I shall show it who is in charge and then make shopping lists and write and send Christmas Cards and wrap presents.  That is the plan anyway, we shall see how far I get!