My head is full of other people’s misery.

I lead a privileged life, warm and comfortable, plenty to eat, surrounded by nice people, which leads me to believe – if I bury my head in the sand that the world is improving!

Sadly I have to surface and do you know what,  it isn’t?

It is no better now than at any time in the worst times in the past.

I deal with it by doing my best, and that isn’t at all enough.

I have brought up my children to be kind, not cruel.  Tolerant of others and they are passing this on to their own children in their own ways.

And we are well enough off that we can afford to do a little bit to help save the world, not everyone can, and many don’t even understand why we should!

But me and mine are a tiny drop in an ocean of misery.

It strikes me that if we don’t all do our bit, however small it will be a close run thing – as to which will founder first humanity or the world?

Me and mine are not by any means perfect but we do try!