I had the annual ‘because I am old’ blood test last Monday and have a ‘because I am old’ appointment with the Practise Nurse next Tuesday.

Meanwhile they are obviously getting the blood test results back in dribs and drabs, and up to now have sent me two letters, separately in the post already?

Apparently my cholesterol results were fine but would I like to make an appointment to start taking Statins.  Why?

I need to make another appointment to discuss thyroxine levels.  Why?

I have an appointment on Tuesday anyway, neither of these things are crucial, could we not have sorted it then?

What about my time?  I am sure that at least half of this un-joined up thinking is just to keep us poor old things busy.  Get us on our feet and moving, out into the proper world, how very dare they!

And no wonder the NHS has no money for important things.

Each letter has cost 36p to send and then factor in time and the half a tree for the paper envelopes/letters etc.

Costing the Earth, with idiocy!