I am waiting for my Other Half to finish sorting out his Carnival Glass ready to load for the Antique Fair that we are standing this coming Saturday and Sunday at Brooksby College near Melton Mowbray.

He has been telling me for a fortnight that he has it all sorted, it turns out that was a slight exaggeration, nothing is sorted, and for a rather neat man he certainly can fill a space.  I cannot get into the garage, where everything is stored.  There are boxes spilling out glass everywhere!

In his defence I know exactly what he means, he knows what he wants to take and we have got it but as we have no system and not much space, finding things is always a job to be put off until the last possible minute, in fact I do it myself.

And until we have his boxes of glass in the car I cannot really think about what I want to take because it is all dictated by how much room he leaves me.  And as yet we have not argued that point out!

And as always I have such an abundance of things to take the difficult part is choosing.  This is a new Fair for us, so unknown territory and so a random selection is what I usually go for, and praying!

And of course the longer I wait the more often I will change my mind.

Very stressful loading the car!