In our house the ‘Bed Fairy’ still calls every day, ‘Mrs.Tiggy Winckle’  drops by for the washing and except on rare occasions the ‘Magic Porridge Pot’ churns out on a daily basis, or so my Other Half believes!

He is not a ‘Modern’ husband.

In his defence, all through our marriage he has worked long weeks and many hours and since his retirement he has tried!

But he cannot sustain the idea that many mundane domestic jobs are daily – which means that they have to be done every day, come hell or high water, rickets or worse!

I am not a Domestic Goddess as anyone who knows me will confirm, however I do like to see out of the windows and re-arrange the dust every now and again and have a clean bathroom once a day.

I like to have the fire laid and log basket filled before I sit down in the afternoon.

I suppose that I am a fussy old lady.  No comments, thank you!

And yes there are things that I never do, anything car related for instance or decorating, I hate it but otherwise I will join in with almost everything, interfere is probably a better way of putting it.

He still looks at me with horror when I ask does he want to join in and goes off muttering to hoover the stairs.  That is his default setting and the pile on the carpet is wearing quite thin.

And his other thing is cleaning the screens, computer, laptop, television, which I would truly never think of until I couldn’t see anything and he even has a special tub of wipes for the job now, since I got hysterical about using my tea towels and dish cloths for any random wiping job from glass to shoes.

Maybe you can guess that today is one of those plough the kitchen floor days, he is busy else where!