Well we went and browsed the new Supermarket, and spent much more money than we intended to.  Not on anything important or necessary but if you drop in for tea we can offer you hand-made biscuits that cost 10 guineas an ounce and in the fridge we have some scrummy cheeses not at all our normal ‘mouse-trap’.

I drifted around alternately drooling and deriding, it wasn’t at all busy and if you have to shop that is the way that I like it.

Rounding the corner to the ‘herbs and spices’ aisle I found my Other Half deep in conversation with a rather worried looking woman.  She had a list, and was looking for Angostura Bitters!  She was going to make a cake and apparently this was one of the ingredients?

I never knew that you could make cakes with it.

She had no idea what it was and he was blithely extolling the virtues of a few drops in glass of Rye Whisky, or maybe Gin and pointed her in the direction of the ‘booze’ aisle.

We wandered on and eventually got to the drinks aisle ourselves and there was his damsel in distress and two bright shiny new shop assistants all shaking their heads.

As we passed the Angostura we picked up a bottle and when we drew level with her, gave it to her. They were all amazed and whilst my Other Half was basking in the glow of a job well done another customer joined in with some more suggestions and handy hints and if you know us at all you know that my partner loves to talk and I left them all chatting away whilst I finished the shopping.

And I giggled all the way home, my very un-domesticated husband has obviously gained from his enforced viewing of all my favourite cooking programs and taken to giving out cooking hints in the local Sainsburys, even he had to laugh!!!