I am filled with trepidation, apparently I need to stop using my old blogging dashboard and sign up for the all singing/dancing new, state of the art – thing!

Or even open a new ‘WordPress’ site!

Both fill me with horror, I shall ignore it in my usual fashion until it becomes crucial and then with much moaning and groaning and furrowed brow I shall sort it – or ring my lovely Son-in-law and bribe him with Treacle Sponge and Jam Roly Poly, as is my way with all new technology.  I hates it!  but then without it how would I contact my stalwart half dozen readers, I would have to put pen to paper, and no spell checker!

I did mean to sit here and regale you with how efficient I have been already today.

Up and dressed before 10am, all down to the Water Board really.  They threatened to turn off the water for the whole of today, to flush out the pipes.  They even sent us a two page letter explaining how wonderful the water will be afterwards.

So far nothing has happened and I could have had my shower later and then put the washing machine on after all, perhaps they meant tomorrow?

And we have Moroccan Chicken for lunch, prepared with my own fair hands and whilst that was cooking I have chopped kindling wood for the fire and stacked logs and collected all the fallen branches from the storm the other night and trimmed back next door’s grapevine where it hangs over our fence.

Really I should have been dusting and hovering the house but those are my least favourite things and so whilst eating my lunch I shall compile my shopping list and then this afternoon nip to the new Sainsburys supermarket in the local town, managing to avoid all domesticity for another day.

And the new Supermarket is great, it is the first time us rural peasants in this neck of the woods have been allowed a veritable palace of comestibles on our very doorsteps.  Sadly the novelty will soon wear off, for me and the supermarket who are doing their very best to entice us in at the moment, and everything is sparkly and fresh.

Although the people who live around there are already struggling with parking issues

Who knew?