I am working very hard at the moment, tipping my days upside down!

All my married life we have eaten our main meal of the day at about 6pm.  Originally it fitted in with work and then with the children when they got home from school and by that time it was ingrained into our routine.

As we have aged, I find that standing cooking and eating at the end of the day doesn’t always suit me or my digestion and hence we have changed this last week or so to eating a proper lunch and a very light supper later in the evening.

It is a bit of a double-edged sword!  I find that I have a renewed interest in cooking, which is good, however it uses up all the morning and then by the time that we have eaten all I want to do is sit and doze for a while and that is bad.  Especially at this time of year when the days are so short.

This last week has been used up cooking, eating and dozing!

Very Dormouse-ish.

And now we have to go and buy more supplies, we have eaten every thing.

Not good for me at all, so yesterday afternoon I forced myself to go for a walk.

A very short one which reinforced the fact that doing less Antique Fairs and eating more is not good for me and I am woefully unfit.

So should you pass me striding along red of face and puffing slightly don’t stop me, just wave me on!