‘Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, never a truer word spoken.

Golden trees peeping through the grey mist, and every thing dripping with drizzle – proper Autumn.

As much as I hate the shortening days, I love the smell and feel of this time of year and I am looking forward to Saturday night when the whole family plus others are gathering here for Fireworks and a jacket potato feast.

The men, and children bicker over which to let off next etc. and the rockets always cause great excitement because if they don’t go straight up they get caught in the over hanging trees and tend to rebound leading to lots of leaping and shrieking.

And Catherine Wheels are the family curse!  All the wooden things in the garden are scarred with previous years offerings to St.Catherine, as it always was for generations.  The technicalities of nailing them to a firm structure are hotly debated and the winner of the short straw gets to light the fuse and retreat and always, always they start off beautifully but seconds in and they either stick and stop spinning or fly off to fizzle out under a bush.

Good entertainment value though!

And our back porch comes into its own, those of a nervous disposition can huddle wrapped in blankets and the littlest sit on the steps bravely poised to leap back under cover should a stray rocket come their way.

And this year Uncle Robbers friend Sue, has made Bonfire Toffee.  I haven’t had any of that for years and I am not sure how it will be greeted by the adults but I bet all the little kids will like it; and me!

This is the view from our bedroom window, a golden silver birch tree,

trees 001