This post is really for my friend Bob.

A month or longer ago we both got a Bread Machine.

He got his for pennies from a Car Boot Sale, I paid £30.00 for mine at Aldi!

He got his churning out loaves almost from the word go, it took me a least a month of blood, sweat and tears to produce something that me and the birds in the garden were happy about.

And this picture is just to prove to him that I can do it too, and he can stop sniggering up his sleeve and posting pictures of the lovely loaves that he is making!

I have to admit that following on from my ‘Remembering’ blog of yesterday, if interrupted when filling the machine I do have a tendency to miss out an ingredient, or even on one rather memorable occasion the little paddle that mixes it all together.  I think probably that is how they first discovered how to make bricks!