Well, finally I think that I am really losing it!

I have never been good at remembering names and dates but I have always been reasonably good at fluffing it and hopefully people haven’t really noticed, or maybe I am just fooling myself.

However,  this week I have gone completely vague, not only did I call my friend Francis who I have known forever,  Stephanie when I rang her earlier in the week but getting dressed this morning I managed to put my hooded fleece on backwards and what was even more terrible was that it took me a minute or so to realise where I had gone wrong.

I don’t truly think that it has much to do with getting older, just that now, my days have no structure.  And I am a person who is not good at routine and I need some kind of framework to hang the days on.

So one day drifts into another, and doing intermittent Antique Fairs in different places really doesn’t help.  Some times when I wake up in the mornings and we are away from home I really have to concentrate to remind myself whether we are in say, Yorkshire or Staffordshire or even elsewhere and the fact that we mostly stay at Travelodges or Premier Inns and they all look the same doesn’t help.

I nail my days by the calendar, this coming Saturday everyone is coming here for a Firework Party which I am working steadily towards, a ham to cook to go with the jacket potatoes and writing shopping lists etc.

My Other Half is out most of Wednesday, he has finally found a new (to us) car and is taking his to do the swap somewhere in Lincolnshire and hopefully on Thursday I shall have finished writing the list of things we need and he will take me to the Supermarket and help me carry it all back and put it away.

And after the weekend,  of course we are into a whole new week with a whole different deadline.   Apparently I am going to see the Proclaimers with the Grandchildren  one evening next week, but I needn’t really worry need I?

They are never going to let me forget Firework Parties or take me to the Theatre with my hoodie on backwards, so if I can just remember what day it is today all will be well!