We had a good Fair at Stafford, lots of gossip and we made money.  It was good

And now, moving on it is Peterborough Showground this coming Friday and Saturday.  We go and unload and set up Thursday and the Fair is open to the public Friday and Saturday.

These days with nothing but domesticity and Fairs to regulate the days, I find that I never know what day we are on and tend to think of almost every Fair day as Saturday!  Which can really be very ravelling with back to back ones. Imagine a week of Saturdays, sounds good but can be exhausting!

Now we have to unload, sort out and reload before Thursday.  Normally we would just tweak what we took to Stafford but our set up at Peterborough is completely different.  We have a single stall and need to tailor carefully what we take to fit into the small neat space.

And as anyone who knows us realises,  we are not terribly organised and being focussed and fitting into a small neat space is not our natural thing.

We are more your.  have a good forage and see what you can find types but needs must and we are too old to stand in the Barns any more, lovely and junky though they are, cold and draughty is what they really are if the weather is inclement and old bones do not take to freezing for two days in a row,

So wimpy though we are you will find us in the sybaritic (I think that I have spelt this wrong but Spell Checker knows no better  and has suggest ‘sub-arctic’ as a substitute) luxury of walls and doors and heating in the large hall at Peterborough Showground this Friday and Saturday, come and see,  it is lovely.