We are a step nearer to being ready for Bowman’s Antique Fair this coming weekend, we have managed to take the seats out of the Kia.

It is a 7 seater, when we got it we took the back ones out, with a great deal of cursing and arguing (although to be truthful that is the way we tackle most things) and until last week never needed to put them back in, thank goodness!

Then as a whole family (plus some friends) we got tickets for the Ukulele Orchestra at our local hall in Leicester and it seemed sensible to take as few cars as possible, the parking being a bit tight/sometimes non-existent/expensive.

And so we spent another sweary afternoon replacing them (with the help of U tube and a ‘translated from the Korean instruction manual’).

And had a fantastic evening with the Ukulele Orchestra.  If you get the chance to go don’t hesitate, they are fantastic and the atmosphere in the Kia coming home was like a Charabanc (Coach, for the under 60’s) trip, every one laughing and talking, no crates of beer though!

We agreed, it was worth the struggle with the seats and then we ignored them until yesterday.  After all what could be so difficult about removing them?

We knew the theory. basically how they worked but the odd missing word from the translated Korean along with watching the wrong model on U.Tube  reduced us rapidly to screaming idiots and it took a strong cup of tea and a sit down to restore logic and order and then it was simplicity itself.

I don’t know what all the fuss was about!

However my Other Half has stated that should we go to anymore events ‘en famille’, I am not sure how to spell that and nor is Facebook, anyway in future we are going by taxi!