When I switched on the computer this morning there was one of those rather annoying ‘Minion’ sayings.  Don’t misunderstand, I love Minions and I really enjoyed the first two films, I haven’t seen the last one yet although my Grandson tells me that it isn’t so good.  However, in a constant stream they are a bit smaltzy for me but today’s was very appropriate, some thing about, looking at the clock and it saying 4pm and basically where has the day gone!

People who know me will realise that this one was written just for me.  When I get my Coat of Arms for services to Carnival Glass and dusty old bits of paper, I shall have that embroidered on a day-glow back ground, maybe on a field of crossed coffee cups!

This week, when I finally buckle down to some work, we are sorting out for the next Antique Fair.  Bowman’s. at Bingley Hall, Stafford Show ground in just under 2 weeks from now.

These things kind of sneakily creep up and surprise me. All the time in the world, tra-la-la.  And then we are only days away, and for this coming one I have to think very carefully because we do it so often I can’t keep churning out the same old, same old.  Nothing is so annoying for the public as walking around a Fair and seeing the same things over and over, set out in the same way, and paying for the privilege too.

You have to keep them looking, those customers and they won’t if they think that they have already seen it all.

And if they keep looking they might just be tempted to buy!