I have to be more focussed today, Kate (daughter) has gone to see Benedict Cumberbatch, have I spelt that right?  Anyway she has gone to see him in Hamlet and we have to remember to fetch Oscar from school this afternoon.

And sort out the dinner, which admittedly she has left in the slow cooker, so that won’t be too taxing and apparently there is washing in the machine!  When isn’t there, even in my house where there is only the two of us, there is always washing in the machine.

Oh yes, she is not too sure when Jason (son-in-law) will be home, he is having trouble with his car!  So we may have to take Tallulah to her singing tonight.  My Other Half won’t mind that at all, musicals is his thing especially when she is singing them.

And not that we mind.  It is nice to be counted in, and to get to see them.  I often think how lucky we are to see them as much as we do, and I know that Nanna Megs in Canada really misses them, and sometimes feels left out.

Very Pension-erish and sentimental this morning, obviously either too much or not enough coffee!