I’ll second that. And I am so proud that this is my daughter speaking out, and my parents would be proud that through our family is a thread of humanity moving on and spreading out. It’s contagious you know!!!

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I am meant to be cleaning the toilets. The house is in dire straits. I should not be at all surprised if a hazmat team were to come rolling up the road to cordon us off at any moment. It turns out that writing a novel, keeping up two blogs, book reviewing, raising three children and not murdering the entire cast of The Kids from Acorn Antiques does not leave you much time or inclination for housework.

Not that I had much in the first place.

It was easy then to be distracted by this.

I read this article, written by Pete Paphides, a music journalist, about how he and his wife, journalist and author Caitlin Moran, have put out a single for the Syrian refugee crisis, with all proceeds going to Save the Children (who put 88p of every pound you donate into directly helping children by the way…

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