We have just settled back home after a 3 day Antique Fair.  Rather weary but hey!  We had a great fair.  Sometimes it is just your turn and this last weekend it was ours.

We both sold well, in fact not just well but exceedingly well!  And made much profit and shifted lots of stock.

It doesn’t always work like that but the Gods of Antiques were smiling in our direction.  Thank you!

And now we have about 3/4 weeks before the next fair, Builth Wells to regroup to find some more stock.  Not that we don’t have anything to take but I do like to have a couple of ‘Wows’ that bring customers into look and I have sold nearly all mine.

So today we are going to nip to Melton Market and next week my Other Half wants to go to Newark, so we will not be bored.  As if ever we are!

I must admit I love going to Newark but it is dauntingly enormous and comfy shoes are definitely the order of the day.  Looking forward to it!