I have been too busy to Blog.  I have a new toy.  An iPod mini and although you can ‘Teach a new dog new Tricks’  it seems to take forever.

I tend to leave my finger on the buttons and hence take a string of pictures, up load things 100 times and spend all my life cursing and moaning!

I can or I really should say could, if I get it right put things directly onto Ebay, or Facebook or indeed almost any where and I can see that eventually this should save me time and trouble but at the moment it seems to take forever!

And in between these technical glitches I am trying to organise my stock for the next few fairs.  Ambitious I know but what with one thing and another.  Aunty Pat coming for instance and my Other Half not quite being up to speed yet healthwise, I have much to do.

So far I have washed the curtains in Aunty Pat’s bedroom.  A drop in the ocean really, but it made me feel that at least I had made a start and she is due to arrive shortly after we get back from the next Antique Fair at Stafford Showground.  That is the 7th/8th/9th August and she will leave a couple of days before the next one at Builth Wells, so I really need to be organised.

My Other Half has spent the last few weeks sorting out his Carnival Glass and although the Garage now looks great, tidy and roomy unfortunately he has built a wall of boxes around his computer and can just about squeeze in.  I can only hope that he sells it by the box full at Stafford and then I can finally see the floor for boxes again!

Some one once told me that I would be bored when I finally retired from work, they must have been joking!