I am still, I think the word is procrastinating!  Putting off loading for the Antique Fair at Stafford Showground this coming weekend.

I have even swept the stair carpet and done a bit of weeding but I think that the hour has come, otherwise Thursday morning is going to be one mad panic and as we have arranged to be there at about 1.30pm with the Organiser, so that his merry men can help me unload and start to set up, I had just better get on with it.

We have debated/discussed, which means basically argued about what we are taking but really all the talking in the world won’t get the job done.  Now is the time.

I suppose that is why I am still sitting here doing the one-way gossip thing which is called blogging.  And really once I get started it won’t take long, so what am I mucking about at?

My abiding fear is that we shall get there and set up and find that nobody likes what I have chosen to take.  My Other Half’s Glass is relatively easy, It is Edwardian and Victorian Glass, you either love it or don’t but Books and Ephemera cover a vast multiplicity of genre from stamps and bus tickets to Ancient manuscripts, modern books to Victorian Bodice Rippers and more.

Much , much more but I cannot take it all, in fact I don’t have it all, but I can guarantee that if I plump for Recipe Books someone will want Fishing and if I take Mourning Cards they will ask for postcards!  You see my dilemma and I love it all, so I can’t even think ” Well I hate that so I won’t take it”.

I am off to have another sort out, wish me luck!