My Other Half has taken my car today.  He has a list of chores, nothing too arduous.

He still cannot lift at all or walk for more than about half an hour before he has to sit down after his recent Op and the Specialist reckons that it will be at least 3 months before he is back to… I was going to say normal but I won’t tempt fate.  When were we ever ‘normal’?

Meanwhile with the help of everyone I am keeping the ‘ship afloat’, albeit a bit waterlogged.

However, I am grateful for the fact that he can drive again, and has taken over responsibility for anything to do with the cars.  My car, apparently is pulling to the left.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed until I drove through a hedge, however he has taken it to be looked at.  It can’t be anything too crucial because it has only just been serviced, or can it?  I have no idea!

I don’t feel too bad about my shortcomings on the car front because domestically he is rubbish.  I think that is why we have been together for so long, we make each other look good in our own specialist subjects.  It works for us.

He has just returned, it was my tyre pressures and it drives beautifully now.  And he has put it through the car wash, another car thing that sends me into a frenzied panic.  I love him!