That is it, I knew it.  Retiring would do for me,  I am reduced to taking in laundry!

Not really, although I do feel rather like Mrs. Wishy-Washy of pantomime fame, I have even had to send out for more supplies of soap powder, and I am grateful for the windy, sunny weather we are having at the moment and that one of my joys is to see clean washing billowing on a washing line.  At the moment ‘my cup runneth over’.

Kate’s (daughter) washing machine has finally given up.  It is only 2 years old but has never really been right since the day that it arrived.  ‘A Friday afternoon’ machine we call it, and coping with the volume of washing that her family of five generate, it being of a frail persuasion has just done for it.  Sad really, but even I had got to be on first name terms with the Repair man and I am only a visitor!

So every day this week she has staggered in with a large bag of washing and swapped it for the clean neatly folded laundry.  I had forgotten how children can get through clothes, it is quite mind-blowing how much muck a 9-year-old boy can smear over so many things and in such a short space of time.

And it is not just him.  Take your average weekly wash and multiply it by five and then add some.

Fortunately the new,  guaranteed to be wonderful, all singing, all dancing washing machine is being delivered on Saturday.  And apparently impervious to odd socks and thousands of rubber hair bands and frayed sweaters etc.  We shall see!

And meanwhile I am praying over my solid, stalwart machine, quite a lot actually!