Back to my normal ‘Crabby’ self today!

After 30 – odd years of slaving for the local Council I have finally retired and about a month ago filled in the myriad forms to claim from them the pension that I have paid into over some of that time.  Not a fortune, but as my Mother used to say “Enough to bury me”!

Sorting out paper work yesterday my Other Half remarked that it was odd that I hadn’t had even an acknowledgement from them and surely I should have heard something by now!

Having had dealings with them for years I had kept scrupulous copies of everything and we rang them.  Good job that we did, after much time they finally found my un-opened envelope in a different departments in tray.  “Good job that we looked” she trilled, and then in that really annoying way, turned all efficient and told us to expect to hear something in the next few days as “she would deal with it”.

So sadly, because I really wanted to shout at some one faceless at the end of the phone, we thanked her and put the phone down, not expecting of an outcome.

But  ‘ye of little faith’ this morning a big fat envelope arrived from them and after reading it over several times, it transpires that I have successfully jumped through all the hoops   –   but one!

Apparently the copy of my Marriage Certificate (absolutely crucial) is not clear enough and they cannot read all of the date.

marriage 001

And I agree, and my fault entirely.  But really, what else could it be?

Way back in the past, the year 968,  or way in the future 2968.  I wish.   A real Time Traveller, eat your heart out H.G.Wells!

I know, it has to be right and I am doing it,  but really!!!