We did stand the Car Boot Sale last Sunday and it didn’t rain although it was freezing cold.  And it was worth while, we got rid of some more stuff and made a bit of money.  The object of the exercise, and we were home n time to watch the end of the London Marathon on the tele.

And after a sandwich and a cup of tea, we nipped to Ryton, to the little Antique Fair there and although we didn’t buy any treasure we enjoyed a gossip with our friends and came home in time for tea.  So in the end we managed to fit everything in although I must admit after all that,  we sat in front of the fire and dozed until it was bedtime.  A long day but enjoyable.

And tomorrow we are going to Builth Wells.  We cannot stand the Fair, which is a great sadness to us, mainly because we have a Hospital appointment at lunch time and how long they will keep us we don’t have any idea.  But as soon as we are done, we shall head for Wales.

Our usual B+B, which is lovely had a room to spare and we shall come home on Sunday morning.  It takes all day to walk the whole Fair, specially if you stop to gossip every 5 minutes and we shall enjoy ourselves.

And next week we will be into the unknown!  My Other Half should have his operation, the one that they had to cancel about 4 weeks ago due to a glitch (their fault), but who knows?  We have not had any confirmation, perhaps we will learn more tomorrow?