The sun is sulking this morning and the Weather man said that there might be showers so we are going to nip up the motor way and have a browse around Ikea.

I love to look, I like the room settings and the ideas that they come up with and I don’t always want to buy but I usually manage to fritter a bit of money, if only on a packet of their smoked fish.

And I like to have lunch there, kind of canteen-ish but nice and fresh and often seasonal and good simple puddings.  The whole experience for me is a ‘feel good’.  Although I will qualify that by saying that we do try to avoid going at weekends and during the school holidays, when it is usually very crowded and ‘Hell’ but then we are old and like doddering around slowly and are  not efficient enough like all the bright young things with lists and measurements etc.

To change the subject my Other Half has finally got confirmed dates for his Hospital appointments, Operation and Scan and we can stop hanging in limbo and get on with life.  We daren’t plan or book anything until they were confirmed, especially as we have had to cancel many things anyway  and although people have been marvellous and sympathetic it will soon wear off if we have to keep messing them around.