There is a great temptation to crawl back to bed this morning in spite of the fact that the coffee that I made was industrial strength.  Some kind of being half asleep when I made has caused it to come out of the pot like thick Turkish coffee!  But I am still not functioning on all cylinders.

When I do wake up I have many things on todays ‘to-do’ list.  Really I would just like to continue to sort out things to take to the car boot but as always real life intervenes and if I don’t go and buy some groceries today I will have to go tomorrow and grocery shopping on a Saturday is hellish.

And if I don’t get my books back to the library today I shall owe them the equivalent of the National Debt and there are floors that need ploughing and other domestic tortures.

I suppose the reason that I am so dozy is that we spent a lovely evening with friends, eating nice food and gossiping the evening away, it made a nice change from falling asleep clutching my knitting in front of the tele.

I have a vague recollection that Kate might drop in today, I wonder if she fancies a trip to the farm shop.  I would rather buy my salad and veg there than at the Supermarket even though I always spend more than I should and today they will have fresh home-made bread.  There’s a plan then!