I am planning to stand a Car Boot Sale on Sunday.  There is a very well organised one just down the road from us, I think that it is called the A47 Car Boot or something like that.  So depending on the weather, I have ordered sunshine with very little breeze, I intend to be there.

Our house is crammed with things that we want to get rid of and my Other Half has been promising to send it all to Auction for the past 12 months but he is not very keen and although I keep sorting it all out it never gets anywhere.

And so, I have really presented him with a ‘fait accompli’ which I have undoubtedly spelt wrongly, and spent all week sorting and now there is a mountain of stuff in the hall, and I am ready to go!

I am quite happy to go on my own, he is a real ‘Grouch’ about car boots, and sulks and flounces and so I haven’t included him in my arrangements.  And so of course he has announced that he is coming.  He has asked which Sunday I want to stand and my reply “All of them” has left him looking rather stricken but I have reminded him about the mountain of junk/stuff etc. Which we are carry around with us and that it is time to make some kind of push to get rid off.

I don’t expect to make my fortune, although he always does!  I just want to clear out all the corners and reclaim some of my house.

Seems fair, don’t you think?

Only time will tell!