I have retired, finally!

I know that I had dwindled my working hours down so that I only did one day a week but that kind of kept me anchored in real life and I was rather loathe to give it up.

I was afraid that I would be rudderless.  That I would turn into one of those pensioners who never knew what day it was and then I realised that I never know what day it is anyway, or mostly even the month and sometimes the year eludes me as well!

So I am using a large print calendar in place of my mouse mat and writing on it in indelible black marker pen, until I misplace the pen that is, however today is Tuesday.

I have that fixed firmly in my mind.  The first Tuesday for a 100 years that I haven’t had to go to school and in honour of that momentous milestone, I lay in bed and read my book for half an hour before I got up.

A desperate need for coffee got me up and it was still only 7.30.  I am programmed, like ‘Pavlov’s Dogs’ to wake for ever at the crack of dawn. The good thing is that I should be able to enjoy the extra time to read more books.

I have found a Terry Pratchett book that I seemed to have missed and am giggling my way through ‘Soul Music’,  Him at his best, specially if you like a sideways look at life, and death!

Time to go, things to do, places to go.  See there is more to life than work!