The kitchen is being painted!

I shall be delighted when it is done but I hate the total disruption.

Making a cup of tea is a nightmare, everything is in a constant state of turmoil and nothing is ever where you left it.

Fortunately we had a take-away last night and we are going out with friends for a meal tonight and by tomorrow, fingers crossed we shall start to get back to normal.

No matter how organised I try to be, the disruption makes me realise how much the kitchen is the centre of our house.

We are looking to down-size, we rattle around this house, even though we fill every corner with junk and really practicality points out that I (probably) could cope with it all better if there was less of it, house and junk!

However, usually the stumbling block is modern kitchens and me.  I am quite willing to admit that my kitchen is old-fashioned, I am old-fashioned and I like a workable kitchen, I cook most days, not always successfully but I mean well.

And modern kitchens fitted to the ceilings with impractical cupboards!   Where do you put all the myriad of things that don’t fit neatly (or even un-neatly) into those twee little spaces.  Cereal packets and tall bottles and then there are the cupboards that are 3/4 empty with a layer of things stood on the bottom.  And it is no good saying, well put tall things with small things and fill all the spaces because that won’t work.   Do you really want Bleach bottles and Sauce bottles and Flour and Biscuits all crammed in together?

And even though there are just two of us (with people dropping in frequently) what is it, with the tiny little fridge fitted neatly into its own tiny little space?  Or a giant fridge sticking out like a sore thumb. And acres of narrow work surfaces around the edges and sometimes filling up the space in the middle,  an island!

Fantastic I expect if your kitchen is 20ft.sq but if not, how do you fit things in and another thing about new houses, where do you put brushes and mops and vacuum cleaners and boots and coats and vegetables and recycling and wet washing and dogs when it rains and dry washing to be ironed and it is no good saying ‘Utility room’.  In new houses they are teensy and generally full of all the machines that you can’t fit into the kitchen.

I know I am nit-picking and we are clutter people but we aren’t going to change now and so we are still looking.  A small neat house with an enormous kitchen and a triple garage will do for a start.  For 2.1/2d, old money!