We are at Kate’s house, looking after the grandchildren for the weekend.

I just love the kitchen, one wall is almost all glass and I can sit here at the kitchen table clutching my coffee and watch the Squirrels and birds playing chase around the garden and through the trees.

A winter garden at the moment, bare branches and just the odd bulb pushing above the soil but in another month it will be promising Spring and the animals and birds will have to buckle down to a bit of house-keeping and getting everything ready for raising their next generations.

I love this time of year, full of promise and looking forward and have you noticed that the nights are drawing out.  Of course there is a down side to everything and the more daylight the more I need to do a bit of Spring cleaning in my own house.

In fact, the kitchen is being painted this coming week and so we will start from there and then move on.  However what usually happens is that we get one room straight and then ‘rest on our laurels’ until the mood, or Auntie Pats imminent arrival to stay for a while glavanises us into more action.

I love it when it all looks fresh and crisp but hate doing it, if we win the lottery (Ha-Ha) I shall  employ a small army to keep it all just so and meanwhile we shall just to continue in fits and starts.

And that is good thing another thing about spending the weekend at Kate’s, I can push my domestic inadequacies to the bottom of the list and just enjoy her lovely house and children.