My house is freezing this morning, in fact I just went and checked that the heating was still on and it is.  So I imagine that it is much colder outside.  There was no frost at all yesterday morning but I bet there is this morning however I am not venturing outside to check at least not until I have several layers of clothes on.

It was a pure delight this morning to be able to lie in bed and not leap up to the demand of the alarm clock.  Mind you, it was worth getting up and out over the last few days.  Bingley Hall Antique Fair was a good one for us and once we have unloaded the car later today we can start to get ready for our next one in about a months time.

It’s all go, if we aren’t selling we are off buying and so it goes, although I have to admit that we probably have more than enough stock to stand a couple of fairs without worrying, although we like to go buying just to sound out the market.  A useful thing, prices and values change all the while.

One of the customers that stopped to look at the Carnival Glass yesterday brought home to us the importance of keeping abreast of the current market in whatever it is you are selling/investing in/collecting.

He was very proud,  and quite rightly of the collection of Carnival Glass that he had amassed over the years.  Listening to him talk , we realised that he had some very nice pieces but then he got on the what the worth of it all was.

He had collected over the last 30 years or so, and even in Carnival Glass the market changes.  Pieces that were deemed expensive and rare when he bought them have since been discovered to be more common than previously thought.  Like all things one or two appear on the market, highly priced and  those who have had them loitering dustily in cupboards since Granny died, wheel them out and enough discoveries quite often bring the value right down.

And sadly this is what has happened to some of this gentleman’s prized pieces.  Many of them are worth a fragment of the prices that he paid for them and truly it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying them but kept in boxes as an investment it is a bit of a bummer.

A question that my Other Half is often asked is what to buy if you are starting a collection of glass and he always replies the same thing, “What you love and can afford or otherwise what is the point?”

Wisdomy words this morning, must be the cold getting through to what little brain I have left, obviously more coffee is called for!