And so another Early morning start.  Day three at Bowman’s Antique Fair in Stafford and up to now it has been well worth the effort.

Friday was good and yesterday even better, so fingers crossed for today and if it doesn’t die on us, it will have been a good fair.  So often you get two good days and then the third is absolute rubbish and it all averages out to average.  Still that is half the challenge the unknown!

And speaking of unknown.  My shower at 7-ish this morning was a nightmare I had just lathered my self when the water started cycling through hot, to scalding and then freezing, and so if anyone asks if I have had my exercise this morning, yes indeed, leaping and shrieking until I managed to get rid of all the soap.  An  exciting interlude (now that I am dry and dressed) which will be investigated further tomorrow when I have time.

And having said that, after my bag of chips for tea last night  I set about fixing back the curtain that I managed to swish off yesterday.  It must be one of those unwritten rules that you can never find as many curtain hooks as you need, when you  need them but no doubt over the week I shall find all those that are lurking in dark corners  and be able to fix my loopy  curtains.  Still badly hung curtains are better than no curtains this weather.

On that little gem of wisdom, it is time to go.