Up  to now a light sprinkling of snow and a stiff frost around here and the forecast is for more snow showers.  I have no idea what the weather is doing in Staffordshire, our destination at about midday to stand the Bingley Hall Antique Fair over the weekend.

Today we can set up and Ben the organiser rang to tell us that he had moved us from our usual spot, as he had a gap that he wanted filling.  Some one who couldn’t turn up I presume and we don’t mind moving pitches especially as it moves us further away from the loading bay doors that will be open to the elements for most of the day and with no heating on (that comes on with the customers) it can be pretty chilly.

Moving our stall around the hall also has the benefit of making us more noticeable.  Unlikely I know,  how can you miss a whole stall full of glass?  However there are always people who come and say that they have never seen the glass before!  And how long have we been standing the fair, only about 10 years, we reply and they look stunned, sometimes they even buy some!

Anyway if I don’t go and get dressed and chivvy the Other Half about we shall never get there and that would be rather a shame after all our hard work over the last week and a half pricing, packing and loading.