Winter draws on!  Not snowing but deep frost and a big fat pigeon slid off of the bird water this morning and caused consternation amongst all the little birds.

We are feeding the birds and all the stray cats in the area, or at least it feels like it at the moment.  Some of the poor cats are in a parlous state, why people have animals if they don’t want to take care of them I really don’t know.

My Other Half has taken to his bed with this nasty flu that is going around and he has my deepest sympathy, I had it over the Christmas holiday and it seems to take forever to recover from and makes you feel like hell whilst you are in the throes of it.  Hopefully he will start to feel better soon.

Fortunately we have no pressing engagements this week, Bingley is the weekend after this one and hopefully he will be back on his feet by then, if not fully perhaps enough to tell me what to pack for him.

It is no fun standing a fair when you are not feeling 100%, we will see what we will see!