table 003

As you can see the creeping tide of Carnival Glass is rising again.  Fortunately I am out all day today and who knows by tea time it all may have vanished.  Please!

We must be getting near the end of this collection, there is a lot of Sowerby here and a punch bowl base and the odd marigold vase, nice but not the spectacular.

These are the ones that we get over and over again and you would think that we would have no trouble naming them all but I think that it must be because they are all so similar that often we puzzle over patterns that we know as well as our own names.  They loiter about long after everything else has been packed away and then suddenly one of us will leap up remembering and whisk away another piece.

My Other Half takes a pride in labelling them all, even the ones that will inevitably be traded on.  Dogged, I think the word is and there are some little bits out there although not rare that sometimes differ perhaps by an extra twiddle on the pattern from the known and have no name.  They are really aggravating.

Anyway I have to go or I will be late for school, and that would never do, as we are having a bit of a crack down on children turning up late.  I don’t want to have to sit on the ‘Naughty Bench’.