The day is almost gone, the fire is lit and I am just about to draw the curtains and shut out the gloom, so I am seriously late putting finger to key today.

When we finally got going this morning I didn’t have time.  We had a pleasant run out to Kettering, Wicksteed Park, about an hour from here,  to an Antique Fair some friends were standing and where I had made arrangements to meet a man with some Ledgers.

It was a nice busy Fair and importantly at this time of year, warm and comfortable.  And although it is only a one day fair which as you know as a rule we are not keen on because of all the setting up etc.  It quite appealed to us and if we can work with their dates we might well give it a go.

And I met my man and bought a few bits and pieces and had a gossip with our friends, an altogether satisfactory few hours.

I am just about to go and sit by the fire, clutching my knitting and drinking tea but before I go here are some of the pieces of the glass that we are sorting and packing at the moment.  Enjoy!

Glass 002

A Celeste blue bowl, in a pattern called ‘Plaid’ by Fenton USA around 1912, we have two of these.  Rare as ‘Hen’s teeth’

Glass 006

A 17.1/2″ vase with a 4.1/2″ base called ‘Rustic’ again by Fenton, in Amethyst.  Never seen one of these before

Glass 025

Glass 028

A ‘Butterfly’ pattern Bonbon dish with a very scarce back pattern called ‘Threads’ with a Radium finish on the iridescence which also quite scarce and very desirable.  This time made by Northwood, USA.