It’s a rotten world out there.  Every day there are more terrible tragedies and what with the grey skies and Spring quite a way off yet it would be easy to succumb to the ‘blue devils’ but that would be giving in and I for one,  am not going to, so there!

I am not sure that filling every spare inch of my house with yet more Carnival Glass is the way forward but on the other hand, it makes my Other Half happy, so that is a start.

Good job really because he went all the way down to Kingston upon Thames yesterday and bought a collection and today we are sorting and listing and washing and labelling.

And it means that we shall (hopefully) have some new treasures to take to Stafford, Bingley Hall at the end of this month and that is always rather exciting for us and our customers.

I am still sorting vintage sewing patterns, only a couple of hundred left to go.  A time-consuming and boring job only relieved at this time of year by the fact that I can sit in front of the fire and have the television on whilst I am doing it.

Not that there is a lot that isn’t repeats but if I time it right I can sit through a run of quizzes that I don’t have to concentrate on and sort at the same time.

My Other Half has just switched the news on and some other poor soul has been shot!  Like I said a horrid world!