The trouble with intermittent blogging is that things mysteriously change whilst one is away and me being a bit hard of thinking technology-wise have to use up many of the few brain cells that I have left to work out how to use it all!

Apparently, this morning I am using the ‘new editor’ mainly because I cannot find my way through the computer maze to my old system.  I know if I poke about for several hours it will all probably become clear and be simple but I am old and fear change.

And now that I am here the ‘muse’ has also abandoned me and I am wordless.  Not a normal state of affairs for me I can assure you.

I am delighted with the new year. I just hate the dregs of the old year hanging on to the last second and am so pleased to be able to stop worrying about what I have forgotten over Christmas and begin afresh with an unsullied year.

New days stretch ahead like footprints in fresh snow and yes I do realise that by the middle of February I shall have metaphorically trodden all over my new calendar.but I am looking forward to the new and wish you all joy for the coming year.