The lawn looks like a giant bowl of crunchy cornflakes and when a gust of wind hurries by,  the fallen leaves all leap into the air and swirl around.  And it is very mild out there.  I have just been chopping kindling for the fire and worked up a sweat in no time at all.

Very unseasonal although there is a change on the way, the garden is full of toadstools, usually a harbinger of Autumn, in August and September.  A bit late this year then.

Every one I meet has commented on the weather, nothing unusual for England and the English but usually we are moaning about the rain and the cold.  And rather scarily we are all remarking on the heat,  in November!

And even the birds seem to be confused, they are busying themselves around the garden and the Magpie’s are marauding all signs of Spring usually.   Is this the dreaded global warming?  Or just a rather late Indian Summer?

Perhaps this will scare us all into looking after the world but probably not.