Just passing the computer and thought ‘do I really want to get on with domestic things’?  Of course not and so here I am.

And really I haven’t much to say for myself, not of any importance anyway.

As always the last week has vanish in a haze of half done things and already next week is filling up with good intentions.

Kate has just rung, ‘Could they possibly come and have their Bonfire Night in our garden as they don’t want to upset the cat’!  And is it possible that I could get Dad to put Some jacket potatoes in the oven etc.  And of course we will and join in,  and love it.

It is a ‘man thing’, the grown up men love messing about with fireworks more if anything than the children, and to be truthful most of us women are happy to let them get on with it and then just clear up the mess after them.   A bit like Barbecuing really,  another ‘man thing’ although I make them clean their own barbecues, it is a messy way of cooking.

So that is Wednesday taken care of and then there is School, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and although it is the same hours as doing one morning and afternoon all together, it just seems to be ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ and use up two whole days, and around that I have to fit the Hair Dressers and all the other little things that make up a week and of course add in the things that I haven’t done this week.

It is all go, isn’t it and now that the days are shortening once the curtains are drawn and the fire lit, nothing else gets done, until the morrow!