My old English Teacher used to say ‘There is no need to state the obvious, when writing,  eg. I am writing to you’.  And quite rightly so, however I am writing this blog to apologise for not writing my blog regularly, if at all of late!

I am really struggling to sit and write trivia at the moment, when everything around me is in a state of change.

My problem entirely.  It is a truth that as one gets older, one either thinks too much, or alternatively not enough.

I have always been ‘hard of thinking’, more of a ‘speak before thinking’ kind of person and at the moment have a head full of teeming thoughts all battling to get out and I am finding it hard to prioritize.  Which should be pushed to the back and which I should let loose on the world?

Not that what I say or think is going to change the world in general, just my bit of it.  And do I really want that, or do I want things to remain the same, and just whinge a bit every now and then?

The  good thing about getting on in years, is that I only have the capacity to fret about a certain number of things at a time and in a few weeks time I shall have moved on, whatever the out come to my present machinations!

So I may well get back to ‘Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness’ and  ‘winter draws on’ and leave others to worry about ‘the state of the world’ and another thing why they have shut the only decent toy shop for miles around and where am I going to take Oscar who is 8 years old this week for our Granny and Oscar day out?