I have a Facebook page for Suegray Antiques, every day I try to post a picture and comment to get people looking and one day – you never know – actually buying!

As you know if you look at what I post here regularly, I am not very techno savvy and often have to be rescued by my long-suffering son-in-law.

And his mantra is if you don’t know what it is don’t touch it, press it etc.

I have been good, I delete all suspicious looking Emails, ignore all tempting adverts,  this is a  great wrench sometimes because I am at heart a nosey woman.

I have it all under control, other than the spelling/grammar mistakes and a few posts and pictures which seem to vanish into the Ether never to be seen again, or so I thought

This last week when I have posted on my page under the picture has appeared a new button, BOOST.

I have stoically ignored it until two days ago, and then temptation got the better of me and I pressed it, maybe a couple of times, I do tend to be a bit trigger happy and then panicked and pressed it again and sighed with relief that nothing seemed to have happened.

Normally my posts reach between 20 and 100 people depending on what they are, last night when I looked that one had reached over 11,000!

It took me a while in full panic mode to discover that I had unknowingly, set myself up an Advertising account and apparently filled in a budget amount of over a £100 for that particular post, which was rather a nice one but not that nice, and it would be boosted until all the money was used up or until I deleted the post, which ever came first.

It had cost me £31 before I found and pressed the delete button, an expensive lesson, especially as I have never yet sold anything through my Facebook page and the item pictured was only priced at £6 anyway.

I am rather pleased that it reached so many people, but unless sales are guaranteed for me it is an expensive way to advertise

And so I hope that when I go totally senile they will think to frisk my laptop otherwise I shall be accruing debts for eternity!